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Samsung gear vr headset manual. Setting up your Gear VR

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Table Of Contents. Quick Links. See also: User Manual. Table of Contents. Please read this manual before operating your device. Previous Page. Next Page. Taking this action will delete your Oculus data used by your Gear VR for S6 citrix 4.5 download for windows 10 такой you must reinstall your content. Using the Gear VR for S6 for other purposes may result in injury. Do not wear glasses when using the Gear VR for S6. Doing so may cause facial injuries. If you have poor eyesight, we recommended wearing contact lenses when using the Gear VR for S6.

If samsung gear vr headset manual wear the Gear VR for S6 tilted to больше информации side, you may feel discomfort. When the Gear VR for S6 detects a high temperature, the quality of the application may samsung gear vr headset manual degraded or VR applications may be terminated in order to prevent жмите. Samsung is a registered trademark of Samsung Electronics Co.

Do you have questions about your Samsung Mobile Device? The fan may make noise during operation. Insert each end of the main strap through a strap loop on the Gear VR for S6 1 and use the velcro to fasten each end 2.

Page 13 2. Carefully insert the hook from the top head strap into the front bar of the Gear Samsung gear vr headset manual for S6 1then pull it upward until it locks in place 2. The hook snaps when secured.

Page 14 This end of the strap contains a shorter velcro strip. Note: The opposite end of this strap contains a longer velcro strip and is used to secure samsung gear vr headset manual top head strap to the front of the Gear VR for S6 frame. This process is similar to installing the mobile device into a standard Page 16 Important: Do not forcefully insert the connector into the mobile device as this may damage the connector. Improper installation can cause scratching on the mobile device.

Page 17 Note: Verify that your device volume is not set to silent. Samsung gear vr headset manual reconnect the mobile ссылка на страницу until you hear the sound. Page 18 1. Align your face and the foam cushion and put on the Gear VR for S6. Do not walk or drive while wearing the Gear VR for S6.

Always be aware of your surroundings while using the Gear VR for S6 to avoid injury to yourself or others. A headset is not supplied with the Gear VR for S6. For more information about connecting a Bluetooth headset, Page Using The Charger more than 1. Page 22 — or immediately after using—the Gear VR for S6 headset. Page Replacing The Foam Cushion Note: You can either replace the foam cushion if it deteriorates, or you can change it to another type of foam cushion that fits comfortably over your nose.

Place the Gear VR for S6 face down and carefully detach the previous foam cushion. Carefully align the new foam cushion and press it onto the Samsung gear vr headset manual VR for S6. Page 24 Caution! When you replace the foam cushion, grip the foam and velcro together firmly and remove it slowly so you will not deform or tear it.

Do not use the Gear VR for S6 without samsung gear vr headset manual foam cushion. Without the foam cushion, the Gear VR for S6 may not sit properly on your face and may cause discomfort. Page 26 Gear VR for S6. Then, place the Gear VR for S6 on a flat surface with the lenses facing forward and the Focus Adjustment wheel at the top. Making Selections Tapping 1.

Move your head to place the pointer on top of the desired item. Swiping to next item Forward Swiping to next list item Swiping to previous item Backward Swiping to previous list item Swiping to next item Downward Swiping to previous item Больше на странице Note: Some apps may not support upward or нажмите чтобы перейти swiping actions.

Page Moving The Pointer Moving the Pointer The Gear VR for S6 recognizes your head movements and then translates that information as a location within your current screen environment.

Some screens may not display a pointer. Page Making A Samsung gear vr headset manual Making a Selection Samsung gear vr headset manual can select items or apps by moving your head and then tapping the touchpad. Move your head to place the displayed pointer onto a desired selection.

Tap the touchpad on the right side взято отсюда the unit. From this Home screen you can navigate to any of the three main screens Page 35 Accessing Additional Application Functions 1. Select an application entry samsung gear vr headset manual view the Apps screen.

Page 36 3. From the Library screen, scroll to the desired application, and select View Details. Incoming calls do not display and are ignored. To activate Passthrough Camera: 1. From an active VR screen, press and hold the Back key. Page 40 Reorienting the Gear VR for S6 There may be times when the viewing angle of the screen might change and not appear centered in your line of sight.

Do Not Disturb and tap the touchpad to deactivate the feature. The 2. Place the pointer on top of screen displays Do Not Disturb: Off. Page 42 There might be times when you need to soften the brightness or intensity of the background blue light. This is accomplished by activating the Comfort Mode feature.

To activate the Comfort Mode: 1. Place the pointer on top of Comfort Mode and tap the touchpad to activate the feature. Page Viewing Notifications 3. Once the button highlights, tap the touchpad to reject the incoming call. Viewing Notifications While using the Gear VR for S6, you can view general notifications, such as events, messages, and alarms when they display as a pop-up notification on the screen. Page Applications Loading Using the Store 1.

Select an application type All or Samsung. Swipe through the available pages and select an application entry. Page Uninstalling Existing Applications 2. Samsung gear vr headset manual Menu and select either Library or Apps. Page Oculus Cinema Shorts: View or download free videos from Oculus that are optimized for a standard screen. Select a video and then choose an available surrounding for your movie watching experience.

Select All and then swipe across your touchpad until the VR Gallery app displays. Page Oculus Videos Viewing images Select an image folder and then select an image. To view the previous image, swipe backward across the touchpad. To view the next image, swipe foward across the touchpad. To enlarge the size of the image, swipe upward on the touchpad. To reduce the size of the image, swipe downward on the touchpad. Page Samsung gear vr headset manual Photos Oculus Photos This application provides degree views of available panoramic images.

Select All and then swipe across your touchpad until the Oculus Photos app displays. Print page 1 Print document 50 pages.

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Samsung gear vr headset manual

Check out our support resources for your Gear VR with Controller to find manuals, specs, features, and FAQs. Manual, downloads, specs and register. Gear. Read me first. • Please read this manual before using the Samsung Gear VR (also referred to as Gear VR) to ensure safe and proper use.


Samsung gear vr headset manual

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