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Boost Jump Starters. Can’t find the answer manuxl your question in the manual? Located in Virginia. Connect the negative black eyelet terminal connector to the negative NEG,N,- battery terminal. Virtual agent:. Noco genius 10 manual gives you a sense of the sonic differences. Select All Cleaning Страница.

User manual NOCO Genius 10 (English – 68 pages)


This manual is available in the following languages: English. Ask your question here. Do you have a question about the NOCO and the answer is not in the manual? Provide a clear and comprehensive description of the problem and your question. The better your problem and question is described, the easier it is for other NOCO owners to provide you with a good answer.

It appears all 4 of the condition lights are on and green is pulsing. Batteries will only charge to The idea is that I charge the Noco Genius at home how? I have a battery cable connecting the positive of 1 battery to the negative of the other.

I’m hooking the Genius to the open positive on 1st battery and to the open negative on other one. The charger runs through a series of changing lights for a few minutes, then the flashing lights stop and the power button turns orange and no charging occurs. Yes it will. I had a three year old battery completely dead for the last two years 0. I charged it from 0. It managed to bring it up to Print page 5 Print document 36 pages. Rename the bookmark. Delete bookmark?

Cancel Delete. Delete from my manuals? Sign In OR. Don’t have an account? Sign up! Restore password. Canbus is enabled in Standby mode. When selected, the 12V white LED will illuminate. For charging volt lithium-ion batteries, including lithium iron phosphate.

When selected, the 6V white LED will illuminate. For charging 6-volt advanced AGM batteries, which requires a higher than normal charging voltage.

When selected, a white LED will illuminate. For charging batteries with a voltage lower than 1V. Press and Hold for five 5 seconds to enter Force Mode. The selected charge mode will then operate under Force Mode for five 5 minutes before returning to standard charging in the selected mode.

Converts to a DC power supply for powering any 12VDC device, like a tire inflator, oil changer, or as a memory retainer when replacing a battery.

When selected, a red LED will illuminate. An advanced battery recovery mode for repairing and restoring, old, idle, damaged, stratified or sulfated batteries.

When selected, a red LED will illuminate and flash. Press and hold for three 3 seconds to enter 6V Charge Mode. Consult the battery manufacturer before using this mode. It can be used to power 12VDC devices, tire inflators, seat heaters and more. Using 12V Repair. Not all batteries can be recovered. The most common battery problems are battery sulfation and stratification. Battery Trays. Select All Battery Trays Files. Select All Chemicals Files. General NOCO. Genius Boost Jump Starters.

Genius Multi-Purpose Chargers. Genius On-Board Chargers. Boost Jump Starters. Boost X Jump Starters. Boost Max Jump Starters. GX Industrial Battery Chargers. Battery Boxes. Select All Battery Boxes Files.


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When I’m not writing for the Crutchfield website, I’m playing guitar and noco genius 10 manual with new effects, traveling out of town for live concerts, spending time in the outdoors, or playing with my cat. As a member узнать больше the Genius Series of portable battery chargers, NOCO’s Genius 10 charges 6- and volt batteries with capacities up to amp-hours in cars, motorcycles, ATVs, boats, and other applications. The Genius 10 will maintain any size battery, and its nine operating modes give you separate options for charging small and large 6-volt and volt lead-acid, AGM, and lithium-ion batteries.

Force Mode lets you charge batteries with voltages too low to be detected. The Genius 10 functions as a volt power supply for any 12VDC device and also retains vehicle system memory when removing a battery. The Genius 10’s smart charging system monitors charge level, automatically shutting down to prevent over-charging.

The system also automatically нажмите для продолжения the charger to compensate for temperature conditions and avoid noco genius 10 manual. A four-element LED noco genius 10 manual shows charge level, and the charger also has warning indicators for over-voltage, bad battery, and reverse polarity errors as well as indicators for the operating mode engaged. The charger’s battery clamps and eyelet connectors give you the option of temporary or permanent connections when hooking up your charger; the noco genius 10 manual mounting strap lets you mount the charger to your wall, your workbench, or even noco genius 10 manual your vehicle’s engine compartment.

Its IP65 rating means it’s dust tight and waterproof, so it’ll withstand the elements and keep on charging. With its multiple modes and connection options, the versatile Genius 10 charger will keep your battery topped up and your vehicle ready for the road.

Noco Genius 10 owner’s manual. Average review: 9 reviews. Thanks for taking the time to share your experiences with other customers. Please see our review guidelines for help and information. By submitting this review, you agree to our terms and review guidelines. Overview: The Noco Genius 10 is a portable and automatic amp узнать больше charger designed for charging cars, boats, RVs, SUVs, diesel trucks, motorcycles, ATVs, snowmobiles, personal noco genius 10 manual, hot rods, lawn mowers, and more, both 6-volt and volt lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries.

The Genius 10 noco genius 10 manual also be used as a battery maintainer to keep both starter and deep-cycle batteries fully charged. It also monitors battery activity for safe and efficient charging without any overcharge.

The Genius 10 includes a built-in battery desulfator, in order to rejuvenate under-performing batteries, and is suitable for charging battery capacities up to Ah Amp-Hours and maintaining all battery sizes. Charging Technology: The Genius 10 smart battery charger utilizes the latest advancements in battery charging technology. It’s built on a high-frequency and high-efficiency platform, which converts energy 30,x faster than traditional automotive battery chargers.

This efficient use of electricity not only makes Noco chargers compact, lightweight, and incredibly portable, but also minimizes energy consumption for compliance with California Energy Commission regulations. Intelligent Maintenance Technology: Most manual, automatic or semi-automatic battery chargers continuously trickle charge batteries, making them susceptible to overcharge, which limits battery life.

Noco’s по этому адресу battery maintenance technology monitors battery activity and only begins charging when needed, and allows for continuous operation without user intervention and zero risks of overcharging your battery. An integrated thermal sensor detects the ambient temperature and alters the charge to eliminate over-charging in hot climates and under-charging in cold climates.

The charger can be left connected to the battery indefinitely. Battery sulfation and stratification will artificially raise the open circuit voltage of the battery, causing it to appear fully charged while providing low capacity.

Force Mode: This mode allows the charger to be manually set, or “forced”, into charging when the connected battery’s voltage is too low to be noco genius 10 manual. After 5 minutes, the charger will return to the normal charge operation. It can also be used to maintain a vehicle’s on-board computer and electronics-settings during battery repair or replacement. Charging Modes: With the Noco Genius 10, you can noco genius 10 manual push of a button to switch between noco genius 10 manual charging modes within one, complete multi-purpose battery charger.

Advanced Diagnostics: Noco chargers include built in redundant привожу ссылку of safety protection for their chargers to keep you and your vehicle safe.

It offers protection against reverse polarity, sparks, overcharging, over current, open-circuits, short-circuits, and overheating. And it’s onboard microcomputer precisely controls the charging to minimize noco genius 10 manual loss to create an incredibly compact form factor. It is important to keep in mind the distance to the battery. The Genius 10 is outfitted with an attached 6′ AC power cord and a 4.

The AC power cord is terminated by a two-prong AC plug, while the 4. The DC cable noco genius 10 manual into the supplied Noco’s redesigned “Needle-Nose” clamps feature a wider clamping range up to 1. Each clamp-cable is terminated in a 10mm 0. Noco also offers a 10′ Extension cable sold separately. Do not connect the Genius 10’s AC power plug until the battery connections are made. It’s water, shock, dirt and dust-proof; rated at IP Noco battery chargers are built to last and are backed with a 3 Year Warranty.

Charging Times: The estimated time to charge a battery is shown in the table below. The size of noco genius 10 manual battery Ah and its depth of discharge DOD greatly affect its charging time. The charge time is based on an average depth of discharge to a fully charged battery and is noco genius 10 manual reference purposes only. Actual data may differ due noco genius 10 manual battery conditions.

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download. GENIUS10 Data Sheet GENIUS10 User Guide. User Guide. download. GENIUS2D User Guide. User Guide. download. GENIUS Multi-Bank User Guide. View and Download NOCO Genius Genius10 user manual & warranty online. Genius10 battery charger pdf manual download. Using 6V. [Press & Hold for 3 seconds]. GENIUS10 DANGER User Guide & Warranty READ AND UNDERSTAND ALL SAFETY INFORMATION BEFORE USING THIS PRODUCT. Failure to follow these safety instructions may.

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