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Close modal. Expand Collapse Think this is a mistake? There is definitely learning curve on getting the D to focus correctly. D is very sensitive and this learning curve is steeper than expected. It will takes some practice and possibly changing your shooting method to get the focus consistently correct.

My experience. There are out of focus images, camera shakes, subject motion try taking photo of baby and toddler who are constantly on the move , etc. I thought I had “back-focus” issue.

After doing AF test, I confirmed there is no back-focus. But there is still AF reliability. After couple months reading web forums particularly dpreview , I finally learned the tricks on improving the AF reliability. First off, why so many people including me had problem with AF? My take: – 16 meg. With 16 meg, you can zoom in to and still see quite a bit of details. So any out of focus shots will be very apparent This might not be the case with older DSLR with less than 12 meg.

Web forums stated that the AF sensor size is larger than what users see in the viewfinder. This can cause confusion on exactly where the camera focuses.

Sometimes the AF sensor focus on more contrasty region outside the AF box, which is not what the photographer intended. Here are the suggestion on focus: – Use 9-point dynamic AF area mode. The center 9 AF points are cross type, so they can focus on both vertical and horizontal features.

The other AF points are either vertical or horizontal, which are not as sensitive. If using the center AF point with 9-point dynamic AF area mode, then all the center 9 cross-type AF sensors are being actively used. With AF-C, the focus is continuously being updated. While focus is activated, move the camera ever so slightly, so the subject area where you want to focus on is being moved around the AF box in the viewfinder.

As you are doing this, the focus is being updated and improved. When the focus stops changing you can hear it in the lens even as camera is being move slightly, then you know you have focus locked. You probably don’t have to do this all the time. But for subject that can move like kids and pets , indoors lower light , and low contrast subjects, this really helps.

There is no way I can use these low shutter speed without camera shake and blur on D Your mileage can vary depending on how steady your hands are.

But expect to use faster shutter speeds than you are used to. Personal taste. This is particularly true if you use AF-ON for focusing.

I have being using D for over 1 year now. The image quality, low light performance, dynamic range, and features are just incredible. Luckily, I’m able to figure out the AF issue or non-issue months after I got the camera. Now, I don’t even think about the AF while shooting. I can keep my attention on the subject and framing; and enjoy the resulting images. If you don’t want to deal with the AF learning curve, then stay away from D Out of focus photos are no fun and there is no way to recover those images.

I have truly come to love this camera and have been using it since Dec If you’re a beginner, as in, you have no idea about photography and are not willing to learn technical concepts, then skip this camera and just get something you can set on auto and fire away. The D is a very sophisticated tool and it can be very frustrating if you don’t know what you’re doing.

I upgraded from D50 which was excellent but I wanted better low light performance high ISO capabilities. On my D50 I had no problems getting images just as I wanted technically without much effort. With the D I struggled at first and it took several months of reading and testing out the settings to finally understanding it. Just the focus system alone takes some knowledge to get it working the way you want to when you want to.

The focusing is fast and the body handles really well. Most controls are accessible without having to dig into the menus. Keep in mind that the bodies mentioned above don’t have motors on the body so it limits you a bit in lens selection.

As far as I know, all the lenses Nikon currently makes have built in motors so it shouldn’t be an issue. Another thing to remember, cameras don’t make great pictures. The person operating the camera makes great pictures. Getting a nice DSLR doesn’t guarantee you’ll be creating some great images. Practice makes perfect. Nice camera but I can’t get it away from my wife! This is a preliminary review.

Just before a trip to the Everglades, my D’s lcd info panel light wouldn’t turn off and it kept abnormally seeking the cf card resulting in quick battery drain. Of course the fix was having lots of batteries and turning it off when not shooting.

But In panic assuming that the D was going to completely fail, I read Ken Rockwell’s review and noticed the D’s price.

I didn’t want or need the lens, but what can you do sometimes? I haven’t had time to evaluate image quality in detail, but it’s impressive at least up to ISO Without the battery attachment it’s small and light, but with good ergonomics. It’s got most of the feature required for my shoots and tons of goodies if you’re just a camera bug.

Combined with the VR it’s a dynamite, relatively affordable package. It was easy to use without consulting the unusually well written manual. However, if you’re used to the D, etc. The iso button’s on the back left and the exposure options are set with a dial like on the D70, so you can’t change the most important settings as easily.

I don’t like the new control for setting the focus options. Links to downloads can be sent via e-mail for download on a computer. Be sure you understand the terms of the agreement before beginning download. NX Studio software offers a full-fledged suite of intuitive tools for viewing, processing, and editing photos and videos.

It combines the photo-and-video-viewing features of ViewNX-i with the photo-processing and retouch tools of Capture NX-D in a single, comprehensive workflow.

Download Center NX Studio. Floating palettes can be arranged in a workspace that best supports your workflow style and needs—even positioned on a second monitor—and you can choose from seven different display styles. NEF and. NRW files from all Nikon cameras—current or older. Features of Capture NX-D include batch processing, levels and curves adjustments, adjustments to Nikon Picture Controls including the latest Picture Control styles as well as with RAW files from older cameras, white balance, noise reduction, unsharp mask and camera and lens corrections.

Software fully integrates with your current workflow Capture NX-D is the ideal RAW image processor for photographers who demand the ultimate in image quality as intended by Nikon cameras. Capture NX-D is the perfect partner for those photographers who use Camera Control Pro 2 software as it fully integrates seamlessly for an enhanced workflow.

Capture NX-D is available at no charge—just download it from our website! Images are for illustrative purposes only. Compatible With. Learn more about the D Archived. Learn more about the Nikon 1 J5 Archived.

Learn more about the D4S Archived.


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