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Windows 10 Stuttering with new update – Microsoft Community – Game Stuttering Causes with their Fix

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Glad im still rocking 8. Sinfamy Banned. Oct 27, 1, Still on Windows 7, why would I downgrade to 10? Conjo said:. Galava Member.

Oct 27, 3, I don’t know how people are installing their Windows’, but I’ve been having 0 issues, gaming is perfectly fine.

Remove your malware , antiviruses and stuff, Win Defender is more than enough. Currently sitting at 3. Oct 27, 9, My brother was bitching about this the other night when we were playing Black Ops.

He just reformatted his system yesterday to attempt to remedy it. Didn’t know it was a thing. Oct 27, 2, Athens, Greece. I am not greatly satisfied with 10 or with what i think MS is planning to do with the OS but I haven’t encountered any such issues as OP describes. I ll keep an eye on this though. Cien Member. Oct 25, Galava said:. XDevil Banned. Oct 27, 2, Xeontech Member. Oct 28, 4, Can u disable it in settings? I just do a fresh restart before a gaming session most days sane in Xbox because I expect memory leaks after a few hours.

This is bullshit tho. Spacejaws One Winged Slayer Member. Oct 27, 3, Scotland. Uh am I reading this right? Am I already dead? Spacejaws said:. Ebullientprism Attempted to circumvent ban with alt account Banned. Oct 25, 3, Yeah I have been getting awful stuttering in Siege since the last update.

Wonder if this is it. Oct 28, 1, Iadien Member. I don’t think mine is doing this. I setup the auto clear anyway though, just in case. Snowfruit One Winged Slayer Member. Jun 8, 1, United States. Wow this actually fixed a stuttering problem I was having, thanks. Freed up 9GB apparently and Fortnite is actually running smooth again.

I always thought it was a game update that messed it up for me, couldn’t stop stuttering even on lowest settings but now I’m on max and it’s great. Last edited: Jan 24, Oct 25, 2, AAA Games have exploded in size and complexity, while people seem to be trying to get by with 16GB, or even 8GB of ram, many on systems that roll all the way back to the sandy bridge DDR3 era. I’m wondering actually as you say that is anyone with more than 30gb if ram having issues with this and yes for me its only like 3 games that use enough of my 16gb to make this an issue still but I feel like its something microsoft should adress somehow like auto clearing standby memory when launching a game for example.

Pathfinder Member. Oct 27, California. Polioliolio Member. Nov 6, 4, Oct 25, 7, Is this related to me shutting down my computer but when I boot it up the next day all the windows I had open open up again? Pathfinder said:. How do you come to this specific conclusion, that its Windows putting some RAM in standby that is causing stutter in games? Asking because you seemed to get positive results in your specific test, but I’ve never encountered this problem before when using Windows 10 on any game.

It’s still the same RAM. Your explanation seems a little hard to swallow without some more information. Too many questions. Oct 29, 12, Pennsylvania. BernardoOne said:. ASaiyan Member. It would be very interesting if a dev could shed some light on it. Oct 27, 4, Polioliolio said:. LCGeek Member. Oct 28, 3, ASaiyan said:. Windows 10 is definitely better than Windows 8, and in many ways is vastly streamlined and improved over Windows 7. It’s just that in other ways it is hopelessly, hopelessly broken and flawed compared to 7.

Or the fact that you still need to run advanced PowerShell commands to remove unwanted new ‘features’ like UWP apps and Cortana. Or how literally every major Windows Update seemed to brick my computer until I just turned those bastards off entirely. For what it’s worth, I just had my developer friend from Sledgehammer, who used to work at Visceral, take a look at this thread and he said it was hogwash.

He’d never heard of this happening either. Which, oddly enough, only piques my curiosity about the whole thing.

Oct 25, Australia. If you are looking for solutions, too, please keep on your reading and the following part will show you the solutions.

In this section, we will show you how to address the computer stuttering issue and optimize Windows 10 for gaming. Press Windows key and I key together to open Settings.

Go to the Game bar panel and turn off the Record game clips, screenshots, and broadcast using Game bar. After that, exit the Settings window and check whether the game stuttering Windows 10 issue has been resolved. Press Windows key and R key together to open Run dialog. After that, navigate to the Display tab, note down the graphics card, manufacturer, and current driver version details. Open the website of the graphics driver manufacturer, and download the latest graphics driver compatible with your platform.

When all steps are finished, reboot your computer and check whether the error game stuttering Windows 10 is fixed. Then type powercfg. When all steps are finished, reboot your computer and check whether the error PC stuttering is solved. Open the Command Prompt as administrator. In the Command line window, type the following commands and hit Enter to continue.

When it is finished, reboot your computer and check whether the error game stuttering Windows 10 is solved.



Any definitive fix for stuttering? (UPDATE: FIX FOUND!) :: Yakuza 0 総合掲示板.


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Windows 10 games stuttering 2019 free download. Windows 10 Stuttering with new update


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Search Join Now Login. Sort By. Forum Actions. Report Post. The issue is back with Huge stutters. Tested the exploit disable thing and it still stutters for me, I’m on and even with every exploit option globally disabled, it still stutters. Some of my stuttering issues in Rainbow Six Siege can be solved by using borderless instead of full screen or removing the in game FPS cap. I was using fps cap at monitor refresh rate minus three – blur buster recommendations but using no cap and nVidia control panel v-sync set to quick solved stuttering problems.

I’v got round to testing with my GTX after finding my AMD Vega 64 did not have the standby memory bug and much to my delight I can confirm the standby memory bug has gone on Nvidia too, at least in Battlefield 1 64 player Conquest. When did this happen? At first I thought it might be that my AMD Vega 64 didn’t have the problem and maybe it was an Nvidia driver bug but it seems Microsoft silently fixed it after all this time!

This is on Windows 10 by the way. I can actually confirm it seems to be fixed on the Win Ver It took them almost 3 years, wow. I am using and I have not had problems with game performance, my gtx is short on vram but then what did you expect from nvidia. Legit w10 making me despise PC gaming and I’ve been playing on a pc for like 14 years. Always going “This going to stutter or not” whenever I launch a game and most likely then not it does have some sort of stutter.

What I’d give to have something similar to w7 gaming wise. After testing BF5, BF1, new AC games I can confirm the issue is fixed for me, but multiple people have reported that their games still stutter so.. I mean, maybe Microsoft is actively fixing it for a different hardware?

Like ram, gpu, cpu etc I had really game breaking stutters, and they are gone. Sora what do you think? Thanks guys. I’ve had the stuttering issue since the spring creators update to varying degrees.

When I did a clean install of back in January games seemed to be running better overall with far less noticeable stutters. The second half of this summer they slowly crept back in. Now I just installed windows today.

Turned on Rocket League and had horrible stutters. Went back a couple versions of nvidia driver releases I don’t get it. But I’m happy. Well, as long as it lasts These clips were earlier on with the issue.

Early I believe. Do you have Firefox installed? Again, probably does nothing to you but is fast to try, so maybe it helps you too. Question Regarding Memory Compression This may have been answered by Sora in the past, but since the new forum template I can’t figure out how to look threw all the replies I digress. It’s been quite some time has this ever been addressed and fixed is it worth it to Enable this again for gaming. I understand most gaming files allocated in to Physical RAM is not really compressed.

Since the data is so huge to begin with, but it might be worth if its fixed. Can anyone chime in on this? I currently have it Disabled but wondering it enabling it would be better for gaming, now again I have read that it is.

Also I know theroticly it is better, but idk if it was ever fixed as in the past it was bugged. I know the clear standby cache rammap helps as well but want some expert opinions here with memory compression thanks.

There haven’t been all that many replies in the last month, but plenty beforehand. Has the issue that has been causing all of the stuttering been fixed on most configurations? So I found the right corner the stuttering comes from. It is not the same stuttering for all but the one many have without a solution currently. I could approximate the source. So I at this point have tried really a lot of different hardware and it kept staying. So in the end I just compared forum posts and all the setups I had tried and started to look at the monitor since it was the only plausible component at one point.

First check if the Device Communication Port is existent in your computer setup, if it is not present you probably have another source of stuttering. Enable that setting on your monitor. When you enabled it, reset the motherboard and log into windows. Now for those that expect all to go away when they buy a new monitor, there are signs that after you connected it once to a monitor that had the wrong settings, it will persist on your motherboard or somewhere else, but im not certain.

Its just that the stuttering always stayed exactly at the same gravity once it appeared and only changed if I bought a new motherboard and improved the configuration for example new GPU – as a side note, I bought 7 motherboards for that reason, I couldn’t debug or get any slight changes in stuttering even changing every single component so I assumed that the motherboard is saving the problems and I found out there are settings that one cant reset anymore on the motherboard, I tried with battery out and everything.

Please if it helped you, spread it for other unlucky people with that problem in the various forums. Under where do you find com port in the bios? I couldnt find anything called “com port” I have a z hero XI.

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