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Free desktop project scheduling and management app with Gantt chart for Windows, Linux and macOS. This software tool can display completion percentage for each individual task. An overall progress indication option is also available. You can edit task.


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Office Timeline is an online Gantt chart tool that helps create visual project timelines and charts for your presentation slides.

Yep, another way to have a free Gantt chart view is by completing a chart in Excel. This may make some? Microsoft Project is a popular project management platform that also offers a Gantt chart view.

Originally, Gantt charts were done by hand, but now you have cloud-based project management software to instantly input your project data into a chart.

Beyond a basic Gantt chart view, look out for these useful features when choosing the best Gantt chart tool for your needs. Using a Gantt chart is one of the best ways to streamline your work processes:. Gantt software shows you where your individual activities intersect and change. Schedule your tasks, fill in the deadlines, locate the task dependency , and assign it to the right team members. Experienced managers may even use work breakdown structures to split work into smaller sections and assign appropriate project deliverables for each Gantt section.

Another benefit of them is dependency visualization. A Gantt chart shows you how each part of the project is related. But if you have several dependent tasks , it could easily get lost during the weeks of a busy project. Your executive team and clients will also like Gantt charts because of how easy it is to understand in a presentation. It shows the individual tasks without diving into the specifics.

Okay, now we know everything there is to know about Gantt charts. Take a look at the Gantt chart software options we listed here to determine which one fits your needs best. Visit our Help Center for support. June 3, Max 21min read. This Article Contains:. What Is A Gantt Chart?

ClickUp 2. RedBooth 3. GanttProject 4. Toggl Plan 5. Instagantt for Asana 6. Bitrix24 7. Agantty 8. TeamGantt 9. StudioBinder Office Timeline Excel Microsoft Project Wrike Zoho Projects Via RedBooth. It has a dynamic timeline which keeps you proactive for losing track of project progress, missing deadlines, or miscommunication.

Manage multiple projects: With a simple drag and drop option, you can manage multiple projects on the same screen. You can easily update the tasks and it automatically manages other task activities. Easy import option: You can easily import information from Microsoft projects. Quick-adjust plans: With the Gantt chart, you can review all the activities and adjust the plan accordingly.

You can try Gantt chart from Wrike free but with limited access to its tool, you can try its other plans too. GanttProject is lightweight, easy to use and one of the popular application in this industry. Let us have a look at its features. Create tasks and milestones: Just looking to the start and end dates, you can create tasks in between, fill patterns, and make text notes.

Organize tasks with work breakdown structure: GanttProject keeps the projects on the top which has more priority and hide those tasks which are less important at that moment. Draw dependencies constraint: With respect to X and Y axis, you can customize constrains according to your given tasks. This makes management much easier. Create baseline: Baseline allows you to compare your current progress with the previous one to better analyze the workflow.

Teamwork offers you a free Gantt chart online and works with a team of up to 5 members. If you have more than 5 member team then there is also paid subscription s.

Teamweek provides you clear, intuitive analytics of all the task during its workflow. Project planner: Have a plan? Simply add it on timeline. You can drag and drop the tasks to make changes easily on a Gantt chart.

Public schedule: Review the task with other team members or even with them who are not linked with the current task. Easily create a link and share with them. Team member activity: Teamwork gives you an option to create members account with which you can keep eye on what team member doing. You can go for its lifetime free plan if having up to 5 team members otherwise it provides you days free trial for paid subscription. With Agantty , have a clear overview of all your projects and tasks with ease.

As we have seen with much free software has limited access to their features but it not true with Agantty. You can use all the features absolutely free. With single platform you can view all the progress of your tasks via Gantt chart. Assigning projects: Easily create a project with Agantty and drag into the timeline. Assign the project to the team and customize other features. Collaborate with team members: Collaborate with your team members to better managing the project.

You can create as many team as you required. Task Overview: Structure your work according to the end dates. You can sort out which projects are near to deadlines and which are less important. Aganttly is a completely free tool to work with for every level of team size. Along with just a Gantt chart, you can also use other features which are important for productivity.

Zoho is another powerful online tool that clearly defines all the visuals of the current status of your tasks or the milestones with a Gantt chart.


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